Welcome to Hydurage Ltd. is a specialised medical wholesaler which offers a wide range of skincare products and equipment, Our current favorite for it’s versatility and proven results, is the Plaxpot Plasma Arc Pen. The results for our clients  after treating them with the Plaxpot are amazing and all without the need for stitches or surgery. We supply the Plaxpot to mediclinics & spas along with the whole range of our machines, and we can also offer full online training on all devices

We are very excited to be able to offer to you,  the top plasma pen-  “Plaxpot” . which has a medical CE certificate and currently going through FDA regulation to become the only correctly approved Plasma Pen.  It is the only genuine plasma-generating machine that is available through us,  to suitably qualified non medics and medical professionals in the UK and USA.  The “Plaxpot” is an amazing machine to add to your clinic, it offers you a whole new range of non evasive aesthetic treatments and can achieve results that need to be seen to be believed. Compared to other machines on the market that generate electrical arcs you will get a far superior and longer-lasting result with less risk of burning and scarring your clients.

We now offer an online course for beginners and advanced Plasma skin Tightening procedures

Look through our shop and the collection of aesthetic products that we offer such as Dermal fillers, Antiwrinkle Injectable,  Skin rejuvenation products,  Lipolab fat injections, PDO threads, Hydurapen no needle dermal filler, Hydurage Dermaltherapy Pen, Premium Plamere Electric Arc Plasma Pen

We offer training on all our machines in the UK and internationally – Please contact us to arrange private training 1 on 1 with our qualified trainers.

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