Hydurage Absorbable PDO Threads


  • Hydurage PDO Threads
  • Included: 1 x pack
  • Country of Manufacture: South Korea CE marked
  • Uses: To produce collagen
  • For use by: Aestheticians/Medical Professionals
  • Courses Available: Pdo Threads Beginners/Advanced Spiderweb
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Hydurage Absorbable PDO Threads have collagen-stimulating properties and are absorbable (dissolving over time leaving tighter skin) The  Hydurage Absorbable PDO threads are either smooth (monos) for improving skin texture or consist of barbs, cogs, anchors or screws to reposition the tissue. have a 2-year expiry date, manufactured and packed in sterile conditions from South Korea. 

Mono PDO threads – these are the smallest threads without barbs, and they work by improving the skin quality by increasing densification. They are used for rejuvenation on the face and neck mostly. The suture is inserted into the skin up to the sponge. It uses gauges from 26-30g.38mm

Twin PDO threads – same as above just double the thickness. It uses gauges from 25g to 27g 50mm

Screw PDO threads – this type of suture is inserted into the skin with a rotation technique and secured by the two sponges. The PDO screw-type all come with a 26g-29g needle but the different thickness of sutures to achieve elasticity back into the skin. Available in single, twin and triple threads. For use around the marionettes and Nasal labials. Triple threads are used in forehead lines, crows feet and smoker lines

Eye Filler thread – single suture for delicate eye areas – 29G cannula needle 25mm

Special Cog for facelifting – 21G and 23G needle with single suture- according to the suture length is 60mm-90mm

Special V Cog for Facelifting – also available in cannulas 18G-23G 90mm

Molding Cog– For Nasal Labial, Jawline and Marionette folds. Using a barbed suture inserted into the subcutaneous layer in the skin, this is a strong suture that can lift the skin and last up to 2 years. Supplied through a cannula 18G and 19G

Double wing for full-face lifting

Magic Volume – Coil spring suture – for hollow cheeks and nasal labial folds – this works in the deeper layers of the skin 23G-25G Cannula

Areas of the face and which to use

Forehead lines: Mono/Magic Volume

Glabellar : Twin/Triple/Screw

Crows feet: Eye filler With Cannula

Cheek area: Molding/V Cog /Mono/Screw

Lip Line: Mono/Screw/Twin/Triple

Chin: Screw/Twin/Triple

Neck Wrinkles: Special V Cog/Twin/Triple/Screw

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

Mono 26, Mono 29, Twin 25, Twin 27, Screw 26, Screw 29, Screw Twin 26, Screw Twin 29, Screw Triple 26, Screw Triple 29, Eye Filler 29, Special Cog Canula 21, Special Cog Canula 23, Special V Cog 18, Special V Cog 23, Moulding Cog 18, Magic Volume 23, Wing Full Face