1600w diode laser


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1600W Diode Laser is a smart upright hair removing device that offers amazing results and is our most popular laser when people are looking for this addition to their clinics.


The 1600w diode laser is a very popular laser model for all hair and skin types

Introducing the 1600W Diode Laser, a cutting-edge device that offers both CW and pulsed output options for versatile use in various applications.

This laser is designed with precision and durability in mind, featuring a specially engineered enclosure for efficient cooling and protection of the diode bars, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Operating at a central wavelength of 808nm, this laser delivers a powerful 1600W output with a ±10nm tolerance, along with a 400ms pulse width and 1Hz frequency, making it ideal for high-power, water-cooled laser systems in demanding settings.

diode laser

Special features: 15 inch high definition LED display, suitable for all 6 skin types with 4 wavelengths 755/808/940nm and 1064nm.

We can deliver this machine anywhere in the world. It is manufactured in a factory we have been working with for 19 years in China and it has an amazing track record for the quality and longevity of the machines we offer.

We can offer training on this device via our courses or virtual or in person