Microblading Brows Course


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Microblading Brows Course takes through the process of learning how to microblade permanent makeup into the eyebrow area

You will learn

  • Health & Safety
  • Consultation
  • Techniques
  • Tools
  • Practise Sheets
  • Pigments and how to mix
  • Skin Tones
  • Corrections
  • Aftercare


Microblading Brows Course is an excellent opportunity for individuals to delve into the art of applying permanent makeup to enhance the eyebrow area. The course covers a wide array of essential topics to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge required for successful microblading procedures.

Microblading Brows is a highly sought after treatment and can be a standalone procedure that practitioners can make a complete business from or you can add it to your treatments currently offered

The key areas covered in the course include:

1. Health & Safety: Understanding and implementing best practices to ensure a safe working environment for both the technician and the client.
2. Consultation: Communicating effectively with clients to understand their needs, preferences, and expectations.
3. Techniques: Learning hands-on techniques for precise and natural-looking microblading results.
4. Tools: Familiarizing yourself with the tools and equipment required for microblading procedures.
5. Practice Sheets: Engaging in practical exercises to hone your skills and gain confidence in the procedure.
6. Pigments and Mixing: Understanding pigments, color theory, and how to create customized shades for different skin tones.
7. Corrections: Dealing with potential issues and mistakes during the microblading process and knowing how to correct them effectively.
8. Aftercare: Educating clients on proper aftercare procedures to promote healing and maintain long-lasting results.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certification and CPD points, signifying their competence and readiness to embark on a career in microblading.