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HAIRNA Exosome Hair Filler


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HAIRNA Exosome Hair Filler (Exosome + GF + Biotin

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HAIRNA Exosome Hair Filler (Exosome + GF + Biotin

Hairna Exosome Hair Filler is a unique product that combines exosomes, growth factors (FGF2, SCF, noggin), antioxidants, and other beneficial ingredients such as biotin, copper tripeptide, panthenol, and B vitamins. It supports the hair growth cycle, rejuvenates the scalp, prevents dryness, and delivers essential nourishment to the scalp. Each syringe contains 2.5ml of the product, which is enough for either scalp microneedling or topical application.

1 syringe in the box

Made in S. Korea