Microblading Practise Kits


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Microblading practise kits are designed for individuals who are learning or practicing the art of microblading, a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique used to enhance the appearance of eyebrows.


Microblading Practise Kits are for anyone who wants to learn microblading but without a large outlay. Included in each kit:

1 x Microblading tool

50 x Mixed blades

1 x Measuring ruler

5 x Pigments

2 x Practise Mats

10 x Pigment cups

5 x Pigment cup rings

1 x Pigment cup holder

1 x Marking Pen

It is important to note that microblading is a skilled technique that requires proper training and certification to ensure safe and effective results. Practicing on fake skin or mannequins can help individuals improve their technique before working on actual clients.

When purchasing a microblading practice kit, it is essential to choose a reputable supplier that provides high-quality products and tools. It is also recommended to seek guidance and supervision from a professional microblading artist or trainer to ensure proper technique and safety precautions are followed.