PDO Threads Advanced Course


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Advanced PDO threads  Course

In this course we cover body areas that can be lifted and/or volumised.

You will learn

  • Anatomy
  • Consultation
  • how to place PDO threads in these areas Buttocks/Upper Arms/Stomach/Nose/Chest


Advanced PDO Threads Course

Topics covered in the advanced PDO threads course include:

– Advanced anatomy of the body areas suitable for thread lifting and volumizing
– Advanced consultation techniques for assessing patient needs and goals
– Techniques for thread lifting and volumizing the buttocks, upper arms, stomach, nose, and chest
– Safety considerations and potential complications to be aware of when performing advanced PDO thread treatments

Practitioners who have already completed a basic beginner course in PDO threads will benefit from this advanced course by expanding their knowledge and expertise in this innovative cosmetic procedure. Upon completion of the course, practitioners will receive CPD points and a certificate to demonstrate their advanced training in PDO threads.

Join us today to enhance your skills and offer your patients the best possible results with advanced PDO thread techniques.

The course has CPD Points & Certificate of Completion