Vitamin C 20ml


  • Vitamin C 20ml 
  • Included: 1o x vials 20ml each vial
  • Country of Manufacture: South Korea
  • Uses: To boost immune systems
  • For use by: All trained professionals 

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Vitamin C 20ml  is one of the most powerful supplements available. The pack contains 10 vials of 20mg in each suitable for IV therapy.

What is Vitamin C?

① Ascorbic acid, water solubility
② Produced in most animals except some
③ Humans lost the ability of producing Vitamin C about 40mil years ago
 L – gluconolactone oxidase enzyme disappeared

Humans cannot produce Vitamin C directly from the body, its advisable to take Vitamin C as a supplement and to speak to a medical professional before you use this product. We are not medical advisers and can only offer general information about the possible benefits of using this product. 
General Function
– As an antioxidant, it could assist with protection of cell membrane and prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancers

▷ Collagen synthesis – Stimulation of collagen biosynthesis of connective tissue such as skin, bone, and
sinew and fast recovery of damaged tissue and prevention of aging. Moreover, stimulation of the osteoblast formation to prevent bone disease and other disease like periodontal bleeding and subcutaneous bleeding and effectively.

▷ Immune boosters
– Increased immunity against infection to prevent and treat immune disorder like common cold.