Supplements for IV Therapy


  • Supplement IV therapy
  • 7 separate products
  • All natural Ingredients
  • Made in South Korea


Supplements for IV Therapy for  Fat  Management. Natural Ingredients.

Lipotocin 10 x 12ml 

L-Cartine 10 x 5ml 

L-Arginine 10 x 10ml

Supplements IV therapy for skin brightening 

Cindella 10 x 5ml

Glutathion 600mg 10 vials

Glutathion 1200mg 10 vials

Vitamin C 10 x 20 vials


Before embarking on an IV therapy program users should seek medical advice as some of the above ingredients have contraindications and contra indications with certain medicines. 

Professional Use Only

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Lipotocin, L-Cartine, L-Arginine, Cindella, Glutathion 600mg, Glutathion 1200mg, Vitamin C