Registry Aesthetic Practitioners Membership


Join today and get recognised as an Aesthetic Practitioner 

  • For non medics and medics whose main business is aesthetics
  • UK Only currently


Registry Aesthetic Practitioners Membership

Join the Registry of Aesthetic Practitioners is important more now than ever for non medical practitioners who want to showcase their experience and prove that they are trained correctly with adequate experience in their chosen procedures. We also showcase Aesthetic Training Companies who are regulated and provide ethical informative training with qualified trainers and regulated certificates.

The Registry (RAP) will help people who are searching for qualified practitioners in their area that are adequately insured, ethical and accountable. 

Once you pay please head over to the registry and fill in the joining form, shortly after if you approved to join you can showcase your portfolio and skills to anyone who may be interested.

The registry of aesthetic practitioners will 

  • Support you with any questions you have
  • Produce an eye catching profile to attract new customers/students in your area.
  • Spend on marketing/accredited to get the Registry recognition and approved

*For the purpose of disclosure we receive a small affiliate fee from the advertiser