Lipo Lab V-Line


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  • Lipo Lab V-Line
  • Facial contouring & Fat Management
  • Made in South Korea original product

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Lipo Lab V-Line is specially for facial contouring. Same base ingredients as Lipolab original : fumaria officinalis flower/leaf/stem extract/Aesculus hippocastanum (horse chestnut) extract / Pulsatilla vulgaris extract, but includes Carnitine and Tyrosine for added efficacy.

It efficiently eliminates fat from the face to achieve the perfect v-line on the line coming from the cheekbone to the chin. Improves skin elasticity and collagen production.It dissolves, destroys fat cells and disposes them out of body through sweat, urine.

It can treat saggy jawline, double chins, and large cheeks very successfully.

Lipo Lab V-Line dissolves and destroys fat cells and pushes them out of body through sweat and urine

Administered via injection, or no needle techniques

It does not require lidocaine or prior mixing

May not be suitable for Vegans, Pregnant or breast feeding individuals,

If in doubt consult your medical provider before using this product.

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