HYDURA PEN No Needle device


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  • HYDURA PEN No Needle Filler
  • Included: 1 pen and 5 ampoules
  • Country of Manufacture: HK
  • Uses: Injecting products without a needle
  • For use by: trained professionals
  • Courses Available: No Needle Filler Course


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HYDURA PEN No Needle device is a cosmetic product that generates enough pressure to push Hyaluronic Acid and other products into the skin without causing any long-lasting trauma or damage. This device helps non-medical professionals administer products that otherwise have to be administered by injection and you maybe cannot offer the service as your insurance/regulations prevent you. Now you can!

Administered correctly, target areas should show lasting effects for 4-6 months.

This pen comes with 5 x 0.5ml ampoules. You will need to purchase serums separately

We also have a training course that accompanies this product.