Global Peels Glycolic Acid


  • Global Peels Glycolic Acid
  • Included:1 bottle of 50 ML – 1 jar of Protector -1 bottle of PeelStop
  • Country of Manufacture: Italy
  • Uses: Skin Tightening
  • For use by: Professionals
  • Courses Available: Chemical Peels
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Global Peels Glycolic Acid range is from 20% to 70% High penetration capacity – Suitable for all skin types

Glycolic acid range –  is an alpha-hydroxy acid and is one of the most used substances in aesthetic and aesthetic medicine (at different concentrations) to perform superficial rejuvenation.  It encourages cellular regeneration and builds increasing levels of moisture in the epidermis and aids in reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier function.

Glycolic acid is able to stimulate fibroblasts and increase the production of collagen, elastin and fundamental substances. In this way, the structure of the connective tissue is greatly improved and the derma is thickened by 20% -30%.
It is indicated in the treatment of skin ageing, photo-ageing, wrinkles, papulopustular acne scars of mild and medium, hyperpigmentation, irregularity and uniformity of skin tone.

20% – Indications:

  • preparatory exfoliation
  • stage I skin ageing
  • reduces expression lines and superficial wrinkles
  • unifies skin tone
  • Best before mesotherapy

35% – Indications

  • stage II skin ageing
  • reduces expression lines and wrinkles
  • irregular tone
  • improves the appearance of striae

50% – Indications

  • stage III skin ageing
  • moderate photo-ageing
  • medium wrinkles
  • dilated pores
  • skin flaccidity
  • superficial acne scars
  • moderate dyschromia

70% – Indications – Suitable for skins that have previously been prepared with superficial peels

  • moderate to severe skin ageing (grade III-IV)
  • advanced photo-ageing
  • medium and deep wrinkles
  • skin flaccidity
  • medium acne scars
  • solar and senile freckles
  • pigment disorders

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Glycolic 50, Glycolic 70