Global Peel Salicylic Acid Range


  • Global Peel Salicylic Acid Range
  • Included: 1 bottle of 50 ML – 1 jar of Protector -1 bottle of PeelStop
  • Country of Manufacture: Italy CE Marked
  • Uses: photo-ageing, papulopustular acne
  • For use by: All trained professionals
  • Courses Available: Chemical Peel course
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Global Peel Salicylic Acid Range

Salicylic acid sebum-regulator indicate for oily skin with acne tendency.

Salicylic acid is a low hydrophilic beta-hydroxy acid, acting as a selective keratolytic in corneocytes resulting in a rapid thinning of the stratum corneum.

Its exfoliating action is concentrated at the level of stratum corneum and in the first layers of the epidermis. Moreover, because of its lipophilicity, it easily penetrates the pilosebaceous ducts, controlling sebaceous secretion. It is very useful in eliminating keratin and follicle sebum.

It penetrates very effectively in the inflamed lesions of the same, where it acts as bacteriostatic and disinfectant without causing irritation. It is suitable for all skin types, especially those that are dry or tend to hyperkeratinization, impure, acne, comedogenic and seborrheic.

It is also recommended for some areas of the body such as back, knees and elbows.
It is indicated for photo-ageing, papulopustular acne Global Peel Salicylic Acid Range(mild to medium-sized acne), epidermal hypomelanosis, rosacea. It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action

SALICYLIC 10%  Indications:

      • preparatory peel
      • dull skin
      • expression lines and very superficial wrinkles
      • improves the appearance of stretch marks
      • cleanses the skin to prepare it for subsequent medical procedures
      • use before mesotherapy treatments with meso cocktails and masks

SALICYLIC 20%  Indications:

      • dilated pores
      • superficial acne scars
      • moderate actinic keratosis
      • seborrheic dermatitis

SALICYLIC 30%  Indications:

      • dilated pores
      • medium acne scars
      • actinic keratosis
      • seborrheic dermatitis
      • comedogenic or moderate inflammatory acne

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