Global Mesolift


Global Meso Lift – made in Italy

Global Meso Lift is a meso-cocktail blended to prevent the signs of aging.

Skin aging is the result of various intrinsic and extrinsic factors, the most important of which is related natural, genetically programmed aging. This process may also be accentuated by various other factors such as nutritional or hormonal condition, smoking, exposure to UV rays and mechanical stress.


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– Prevention and anti-aging treatment
– Improves stressed, dull and irregular skin
– Reduces the depth of wrinkles
– Stimulates the contraction of the muscular filaments of the skin with its firming effect
– The oval of the face is reformed
– Improves the moisturizing
– Captures free radicals and protects against external skin damage



Organic Silicium, DMAE, Niacinamide, Amino acids and moisturizers

1 box = 10 vials of 5mL e.a.
Actives DMAE 4%, 21 aminoacids, multivitamins
Indications anti-aging
Results lifting and tone effect
Impact ingredients DMAE