Clapio-Cell Meso Serum


  • Clapio-Cell Serum for mesotherapy
  • Country of Manufacture: South Korea
  • Included: 5 vials in 1 box
  • Skin Types: Suitable for all
  • Uses: Mesotherapy for Anti-Ageing/Rejuvenation
  • For use by : Professionals Only
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Clapio-Cell Meso Serum for mesotherapy originates from South Korea. We all know that South Korea is quickly becoming the supplier of the top skin products in the world.

Clapio-Cell Meso Serum gives amazing results which can clearly be seen after one treatment. The skin literally glows. The Clapio cell solution works by rejuvenating, hydrating and renewal of the skin cells, the result is plump, youthful skin.

The Clapio-cell product should also be applied before and after invasive treatments, such as micro-needling and Plasma skin tightening. The main effect of the Clapio Cell solution is for wound healing and tissue regeneration and also as an inhibitor for hyperpigmentation.

You can apply Clapio-Cell Serum for mesotherapy using a range of different methods to include injections, dermastamping and dermarollering.

For wound healing, ageing and hydration issues,  the manufacturer recommends for the product to be applied once a fortnight over a period of 12 weeks.

Clapio-Cell is a revolutionary anti ageing solution. Try it the results are amazing.