BioPlasma Maker


  • BioPlasma Maker
  • Included: 1 device
  • Country of Manufacture: China CE Marked
  • Uses: Plumping out wrinkles/folds
  • For use by: Aestheticians/Medical Professionals
  • Courses Available: Dermal Fillers Beginners/Phlebotomy/PRP


Bioplasma Maker is a brand new aesthetic product. This is a new treatment and does not involve the use of any chemicals. The bioplasma maker machine that can be used by non-medics also.

The Bioplasma machine is designed to help practitioners stop using traditional HA dermal fillers and use a person’s own blood instead. Less risk, much safer and much more cost-effective for the practitioner and consumer.

How does it work? The Bioplasma Maker takes the blood and turns it into a gel. This gel is thick enough to volumise.  It makes the procedure of having fillers applied to your face and body safe and without all the risks and complications that can occur from having traditional dermal fillers. 

Phlebotomy training is necessary but contact us and we can arrange the full training on this device to include Phlebotomy if necessary. 

When the UK Government makes new regulations that non-medics can no longer inject dermal fillers this will be your go-to device. Be prepared in advance and take the training.